Larry Dabour



Jonathan Montalvo

Cesar Ortiz

Ulises Torres

Nathan Cranmer

Joseph Trujillo

Angel Cruz

Leo Robledo

Cody Runyon

Alex Munoz


Downloadable Schedule

To download the entire season basketball schedule, please click here.


Clipart of A plus paper

Tutoring will be available once school starts. Please check back soon for details on the days and times.

Adult School

Clipart of books

Adult school will start enrolling students as soon as the school year begin on August 7.

Minimum Days

Clipart of minimum day.

Early release every other Wednesday. Please refer to the district calendar for exceptions and details.

Parent Workshops

Parental engagement clipart.

Parent Workshops are offered once a month by the superintendent. We have had classes in homemade detergent, cheese, bread, and healthy cookies, waffles and pancakes.