Ronda Tremblay

Superintendent Ronda Tremblay


Superintendent's Message:

Welcome back to the 2014-2015 school year!  We want to extend a warm welcome to returning and new staff, students and their families.

Baker Vision Statement: Baker Braves will promote a community of respectful and responsible learners who will be able to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Our District Motto: Creating Excellence, Whatever It Takes!

Common Core State Standards: Baker Valley Unified is in our second year of implementing common core state standards. Ongoing professional development will continue this year.

Minimum Wednesdays: Our school calendar reflects our Minimum Wednesday schedule. Research shows that when schools and educators commit to continuous learning, student outcomes - both academic and developmental – improve.

We listened to parents, staff, teachers, students, and community members in developing our LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan). We heard loud and clear that we needed to have single grade classrooms for our elementary students and eliminate our combination classrooms. We now have a teacher for every grade level in our elementary program!

We also responded to the need for increased electives and enrichment opportunities by hiring an Art Teacher for students K-12. We have remodeled many classrooms and updated them with new furniture, carpeting, and technology.

We have plans to renovate our school site, beginning with safety as our first concern. Shade structures are on the list as a priority being needed for a very long time. These structures will afford our students a place to eat, rest and play while being protected from the desert sun.

We work and live in the close-knit, small town of Baker, and the famous thermometer is shining bright once again! Our students are excited about being back in school and we remain committed to striving for future success and educating all of our students to become World Class Learners.

Respectfully submitted,

Ronda Tremblay